Dr. Joe Flanders is the founder and director of the MindSpace Clinic.

He is also an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology, McGill University.

Dr. Flanders offers Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Mindfulness training to individuals of all ages.

He got his PhD from the Department of Psychology at McGill University in 2008.

He completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 2009.

He is the former Research Director of the McGill University Health Center – Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Clinic and Clinical Director of CBTkids, a child psychology clinic in Montreal.

He is a licensed psychologist in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

He is also on staff at The Montreal Neurofeedback Center.

He has been practicing meditation since 2000 and now provides training in Mindfulness meditation.


- The effects of mindfulness meditation on attention, stress, and emotion regulation

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Presentation at the conference on Mindfulness and psychotherapy: Deepening Theory and Practice. May 1, 2010, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Learn more at the conference website).

- The nature and function of play (especially rough-and-tumble) in child development

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Lecture on the evolutionary function of rough-and-tumble play at the Symposium on Human Nature and Early Experience: Addressing the “Environment of Evolutionary Adaptedness.” University of Notre Dame, October 2010. (Learn more at the conference website).


- The psychology of creativity (especially insight and creative problem solving)

See DeYoung, Colin, Flanders, Joseph L., and Peterson, Jordan B. (2008). Cognitive Abilities involved in insight problem solving: An individual differences model. Creativity Research Journal, 20, 278-290.

- The development of aggressive behaviour and self-control

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Peterson, Jordan B. and Flanders, Joseph L. (2002). Complexity Management Theory: Motivation for ideological rigidity and social conflict. Cortex 38, 429-458.

- The role of attention biases in psychopathology

See Joseph Flanders, Brian Leitzke, Sarah Romens, Seth Pollack (2010). Vigilance and avoidance of threatening faces in children and adults: An eye-tracking study of attention biases in anxiety. Presentation at The Developmental Psychology Conference, Carleton University, Ottawa, May 6-7, 2010 (Conference webpage)